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How to host the ultimate hot tub party

By Oriana Chacon on Sun - Mar 12, 2017

There can’t be many things in this world more fun than a hot tub party. There’s just something special about being in a hot tub; as people relax and let go of their inhibitions. Maybe it’s the close proximity to each other, the relaxing massage jets, the sensation of being gently warmed under a twinkling sky or just being in your swimwear that brings out the social butterfly! Whatever the secret a hot tub party can be truly unforgettable.

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Enjoy The Benefits of Hydrotherapy by Owning A Hot Tub

By Oriana Chacon on Wed - Jan 4, 2017

Imagine you just finished a hard day at work and, tense from the stress, you come home wishing you had a massage therapist on call. Those who own a hydrotherapy hot tub would tell you that the rotating water jets would do wonders for your tense neck. You see, hydrotherapy hot tubs work in many similar ways to massage therapists; targeting the trigger points and areas of pain to provide relief. So you get your personal massage therapist in your own backyard!

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Patio Furniture - Then and Now [40 years in the making of a brand]

By Oriana Chacon on Sat - Aug 6, 2016

In 1972 furniture had that a groovy aesthetic of an Austin Powers film. It was a decade of “too much is not enough” and “give me print patterns!” that pushed the boundaries of color combinations beyond what our eyes could handle.

It was the year of Nixon, the rise of the mini skirts and the creation of ABBA… Mama Mia!

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